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compulsory adj : required by rule; "in most schools physical education are compulsory"; "attendance is mandatory"; "required reading" [syn: mandatory, required]

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From compulsorius



  1. Required; obligatory; mandatory
    The ten-dollar fee was compulsory.
    • 1827, A. D. Jr., Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, A. and C. Black, page 212:
      They are entirely private concerns, established by individual teachers, and attendance upon them is no more compulsory than attendance on our dispensaries.
    • 1996, Ugo Pagano, Democracy and Efficiency in the Economic Enterprise, page 73:
      Some might agree that membership in the firm is perhaps more compulsory than membership in a municipality, but balk at applying the analogy to the nation.
  2. Having the power of compulsion; constraining
    Such compulsory measures are limited.


  • Czech: povinný
  • Dutch: verplicht
  • Finnish: pakollinen
  • German: obligatorisch, pflichtmäßig, gesetzlich, verpflichtend
  • Hungarian: kötelező
  • Japanese: 義務的な(ぎむてきな, gimutekina)
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